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A Girls Night with Wine & Magic

Happy February everyone! Was I the only one who thought January lasted longer than 2018? It was a great month where I dedicated my time to tastings, working, and having fun new experiences. (Still working on getting in shape) Though I will be single this upcoming Valentine's Day, I still have some fun plans for Galentines and Singles Awareness Day. One of course, includes stopping by Checkered Past Winery. This local gem is honestly one of my favorite places to stop by, and perfect for a nice intimate time with a loved one or friend.

Recently, my friend Dani and I got to experience their Wine & Magic event, where we enjoyed amazing food and were amazed and bewildered by Trigg Watson. Thanks to Checkered Past Winery, we also got to have a sneak peak at their Valentine's Day items. So if you don't have any plans for your holiday yet, sit back and follow along as I break down the night:


Now we all know I love a good winery. Wine, cheese, meats and desserts. What's not to love? Checkered Past Winery treated us to some lovable Valentine's-themed dishes that were amazing. We started the night with the Bellisima Cheese Board. Let me go on record stating that I am a cheeseboard snob. Honestly, I could probably eat a cheese & charcuterie board for every meal. The Bellisima Board has three different meats and cheese to try, along with grapes, raspberries, honey comb, and candies. We liked it so much we even got a second board.

While we enjoyed the board we sampled several different champagnes in the champagne flight. Once again, something I love! I have never had a champagne flight before, and the one at Checkered Past has such different flavors that take you on a journey with every sip.

Once we finished up with the board and champagne, we moved on to the Lovers' Pizza. First of all, it's definitely enough to share with your loved one, but you won't want to. It's delicious! Topped with fresh ingredients, we ate every bite of this tasty pizza. And what did we have for dessert during our V-Day preview? Chocolate, of course! The food and service was amazing and definitely worth the trip.


I have not been to a magic show since I was a child. Being a natural skeptic of magicians I was watching like a hawk as Trigg Watson, magician and illusionist, performed. I have to say his magic was un-clockable. I told him after the show that I was thoroughly impressed. Not to mention, he is from New Orleans! If you read my last blog you will know how much I love that city. As a showman, Trigg was personable and charming. His tricks, though not anything too crazy or involving explosions of any kind like you'd see on AGT, were captivating. I found myself later really wondering how he did even half of those things without wires or something.

At the end of the night Dani and I left with full bellies and thoroughly entertained. If you are looking to plan something for Valentine's Day that is not your typical dinner and a movie, I suggest this Wine & Magic night. To learn more visit either Trigg or Checkered Past Winery's pages linked below.

Love and Light Always

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