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All About V Steam With Her Secret Garden

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Last weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing my first v steam ever at Her Secret Garden V Steam in Frisco, TX. I've always wanted to try it since I've seen many celebrities on TV going to spas and getting it done. Unlike those celebrities, I went in with a better understanding of what benefits v steam can supply and how it is a great way to relax and take a moment for yourself. If you are like me, you hate to put chemicals into your body. Steaming is a great way to cleanse the body from a different angle.

After I changed out of my clothes and into the cover up, I found myself very curious as to how it actually works. Honestly, it's as simple as having a seat. Once you pick your blend, it is mixed into the throne that you sit upon for ten minutes. At first I couldn't tell if anything was happening. That changed rather quickly as I felt the steam pick up. It was toasty, but very relaxing. I had the gentle blend since my skin is very sensitive. Right away I felt at ease and I could feel the steam working its magic. After ten lovely minutes I got up and changed back into my regular clothes before sitting down with Darlene Charise, owner of Her Secret Garden V Steam, to learn more about the process.

So what is V Steam?

"It's a holistic treatment using steam and the oil from different herbs to treat vaginal or women based issues."

What are the benefits of that treatment?

"There are so many. It depends on what we are treating. It can minimalize cramps, get rid of cyst and fibroids, can help with pain associated with endometiosis or PTOS, it can help women who are suffering from hot flashes or night sweats. The treatment can also cure yeast infections and help with dryness. It can balance a period so they are more normal 28-30 day cycles. Just so many benefits."

How often should someone get steamed?

"If there are no issues, then once a month. It's just like a monthly maintenance self love and self care treatment right before or after your period. If you are treating different issues you can come in more frequently. There's different protocols for what you are trying to treat."

Why did you start Her Secret Garden?

"Her Secret Garden is just about self love. For me, I got divorced in February. Before that though there was so much transformation that was happening inside of me that needed to happen. It was just me learning how to love me. Me learning how to make my own decisions and own rules. Her Secret Garden is a place for women to feel safe and for women to love themselves. It's a place for women to let go of trauma or hurt."

What do you want people to know about Her Secret Garden?

"They can come here. This is always a safe place for any woman or sister. We even do couples steaming as well. It is actually also great for men. It's a safe space to try different remedies that we may not have been brought up on. A place to come meditate and be open and honest as we learn to love ourselves."

I definitely recommend to all my sisters out there that you make an appointment with Darlene. I felt completely refreshed after my steam and will be returning for another soon. Check out Darlene and Her Secret Garden on Instagram!

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