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Beginner Food Guide: San Francisco

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Traveling feeds the spirit. There's something to be said for the joyous feeling associated with getting out of your own neighborhood and exploring somewhere else. I had a great opportunity in July to visit San Francisco, a city that had been on my list for years. I had always heard amazing things. Let me just say, this place is very different than my hometown, Dallas. People just approach life differently. The amount of spiritual shops on one block was more than are in Dallas combined. Take a walk by any park and you'll see meditation circles. It's a transformative place indeed. Not to mention, BEACHES!

The first thing I did in the city was eat. San Fran is known to have some of the best foodie destinations, and I was going to hit up as many an possible. Thankfully, the downtown area of the city has a lot of great places to eat in walking distance of each other. A perk since you will need to walk off all that delicious food. So buckle up for my beginner San Francisco foodie guide:

Our first stop was Chubby Noodle, an Asian fusion restaurant with two locations. I was told I couldn't leave the city without trying Chubby Noodle's fried chicken. Noted. The fried chicken definitely did not disappoint. It was juicy and breaded perfectly for the best crispiness. While enjoying our main entree, we also delighted in some Pork Fried Rice and Garlic Noodles. The portions were huge so we definitely had leftovers to spare.

Did I mention the place was packed. Granted, it was a Friday night. If we hadn't snagged two seats at the end of the bar we would've had to wait to enjoy this popular restaurant. I highly recommend Chubby Noodle. Just make sure you get there early or make a reservation.

If you are planning to go to San Francisco, you MUST make a reservation at The Dorian. Not only is the food AMAZING, the service and atmosphere are top notch. Serving modern American dishes, my company and I held nothing back when it came to approaching the menu with our stomachs ready. We started with the Ahi Poke Tacos as an appetizer and one of my

absolute favorite drinks, Frose.

Taking a look at the menu, the Dorian Burger's siren song lured me to request it immediately. If you know me you know I of course added bacon to the mix. Now, though I am a loyal Texas girl and will always say Whataburger is the best, this burger is unparalleled. The Fancy sauce alone is enough to make any foodie's dreams come true. It was cooked perfectly, and if you dare, pair it with their Parmesan Truffle fries so you can die happy.

For those with a sweet tooth I suggest. Tartine Bakery or Le Marais Bakery. Both bakeries are absolutely delish. The Bread pudding at Tartine is famous. It is not uncommon to wait in line for it. Both bakeries have adorable atmospheres and friendly staff. Also tons of pastries on display. If you have a hard time avoiding temptation, then you may struggle here. At Le Marais we each enjoyed the fruit tarts and French pastries they had to offer.

How could I ever forget about Home? A coffee shop that will do the opposite of making you homesick, rather it will make you want to move to San Fran to have their lattes 24/7. This place is also popular with a younger crowd and foodies alike. It wasn't a surprise to see fellow foodies with their cameras capturing latte art shots for their blogs. Since the beginning of the year I had my eye on their Birthday Cake Latte. Little did I know that they have so much to choose from. We ordered plenty to taste, such as Red Velvet, Rose, Matcha, Chai, and of course Birthday Cake. All were delicious and topped with beautiful art. I even got a cute latte art bear for my Rose Latte.

It's safe to say that I will be returning to San Francisco soon. I went to as many restaurants as I possibly could squeeze in during a weekend long trip. As always, I feel like I left a part of my heart in that city. I can't wait to return for even more foodie adventures. Stay tuned for my Metaphysical shop review of San Fran to learn where you can go to buy the best crystals in the city.

Honorably delicious mentions:

Lapisara - For Brunch

Matcha Cafe Maiko - For Matcha Ice Cream

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