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CBD Infused Green Sage Tea Lemonade

Though September starts tomorrow, the August heat is still holding on here in Texas. I definitely have been feeling the burn as I decided to move last weekend. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have any time to brew up something cool and refreshing to drink while I was moving all the boxes in the world. This Labor Day weekend, I thankfully am taking full advantage of the extra day off and making my Green Tea Lemonade. Featuring orange blossom honey and the Citron Green tea from Steepfuze, I made a drink that my coworkers have already requested for our next company party.

For this recipe I used:

Lemons - 2 (Juice one and save the other for decoration)

Orange Juice - 1/2 Cup

Fresh Sage - 2 Stems chopped roughly

1 Tbsp - Orange Blossom Honey (from Trader Joes)

Two tablespoons of pure cane sugar - optional for sweetness

Step one - Steep one to three teaspoons of tea for five to six minutes in hot water with sugar, then set to the side. Hint: The more tea you add the stronger the flavor and deeper the color. Set aside and let cool for 5-7 minutes. Add honey in and stir as the tea cools.

Step two - Chop sage roughly after washing. Place half in the tea as it cools. Stir a bit to mix the flavors. Strain the tea and set aside.

Step three - Slice an orange in half. Juice one half and thinly slice the other half. Add orange and lemon juice to the tea. If need add a cup of water if the flavor is too strong. That's it! Let it chill in the fridge before serving and enjoy!

Stay tuned for more SteepFuze tea recipes. Check out the rest of my site for restaurant or travel suggestions.

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