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Chow down in H-Town!

I want to start by saying that I never really played into the Dallas versus Houston debate. As far as I am concerned we are all wrapped in this Texas life, so grab a fork and let's dig in. Visiting Houston has been on my foodie list for a while. Where Dallas has a lot of pristine and amazing places to eat, Houston has some amazingly creative places to eat and enjoy a social moment as well. So here are my top picks for where to eat and what to do when enjoying a weekend in H-Town!

Food: Where do you go?

Talk about a place that I could literally live in. EggHaus is an amazing restaurant serving gourmet kolaches, croissants, sandwiches, tacos, and drinks that are out-of-this-world delicious. To say this place gets packed is an understatement. It's the perfect stop of breakfast or lunch, and if I was a local it would be my normal coffee shop hangout. Their food is definitely Insta-worthy. The staff is friendly and very helpful if you just can't decide what delicious thing you want to eat first. I will say they are not stingy about serving sizes. After one crawfish croissant I was ready to tap out, but I had a breakfast sandwich calling my name. I also managed to get one bite of my matcha croissant in before I waved the foodie white flag.

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a little French dollhouse? Then stop by Café Poêtes. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful inside and out, it is owned and operated by people actually from France. I had a chance to sit down with the owner for a short bit and she was so passionate about bringing a slice of home to Texas. My friend HTXFoodGirl and I were stunned at just how lovely everything was. It was the cafe from my dreams. You will feel transported from the moment you enter. Now to the food. Though it may seem a bit pricey, you get a lot of deliciously beautiful food for your money. Not to mention, it is authentic and superb. The matcha lattes and quiche alone are enough to make me want to live in Houston for the rest of my life. We also enjoyed a lavender eclair (Nicole did since I'm allergic), a pastrami and goat cheese toast, and an avocado frenzy! I know the next time I'm in town I will be swinging by for a little slice of heaven.

All I can say about this place is HOLY GIANT PANCAKES BATMAN! Though it may be a bit trendy, State Fare gives you everything you want and more out of any meal of the day. I will say a reservation is a much. If you do not want to sit through an hour long wait on a Sunday morning I suggest reserving your table a week in advance. It is worth it. From mimosa or bloody mary flights, to giant servings, this restaurant is just what you need on a cheat day. The decor reminded me of an old school diner. Like something out of the musical Grease. I will say the prices are a little high. Our waitress also seemed new and overwhelmed. The food definitely cushions the blow for sure. The Mac n' Cheese alone will help you forget any problems you have.

Cancel any other lunch or dinner plans and head to Dish Society. Perfect for a celebration or happy hour, this American restaurant is full on farm-to-table and has some of the most educated waiters I've ever met. They have multiple locations around Houston, so you probably are never far from one. Once again, Mac n' Cheese led me to a new place with an amazing menu. The drinks were simple and chic with big flavor. Their food may also look simple, but I promise you will not leave one bite on your plate. The grilled pesto chicken sandwich is a must here if you are trying to not break the diet bank. If you don't care about a diet, I suggest getting the fried apple pie. Your waistline may regret it, but your taste buds and stomach will thank you. Overall, pricing is not bad and the decor is effortless and modern.

Things To Do:

If you have a free night out I suggest you stop by Prohibition Theatre for s drink and a show. Underneath is a food hall where you can grab a quick bite, but above there is an amazing bar and theatre that will help all of your burlesque dreams come true. Move over Christina and Cher, the Moonlight Dolls are coming for your spot. My friend and I dressed to impress then stopped by for an amazing show. From the moment the first song played to the end I was on the edge of my seat living my fantasy. From fire and sword acts, to singing and aerial work this burlesque show is not one to miss. It was actually my first one as well. I was beyond impressed and could've watched more for hours. The performers involved are so talented and really do the art form so proud. Feel free to enjoy a meal while you watch. The performers will also interact with you and if you are lucky, bring you on stage. Thankfully I go to just enjoy a drink and photograph while watching the experience.

Honorable mentions:

Kata Robata - For the most insanely priced and delicious sushi you will ever have.

Flower Vault - Take pictures for an hour in somewhat of a hot box, but don't go over your time or they will start charging you per minute. -_- Still a fun experience for great pics though.

The Museum of Fine Arts - So much fun, but don't go on the day of a major opening or the staff will bug you like crazy.

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