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More Than Just A Brunch

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! That means there are tons of events happening that center on the disease and helping to find a cure to fight it. Last year when I was thinking about my passions and what I wanted to bring to the table this year for events, I had the idea to include my own into the month. Brunch Awareness was born from the backbone of my family, my grandmother. A woman who has never let anything in her life hold her back from achieving her goal. Knowing that she survived breast cancer is amazing within itself, as it is a terrifying thing that can attack the mind, body and spirit. It was something that made me see such power within her; even more than before. This event is not only dedicated to her, but to the millions of women everyday who battle with this disease. Who take that feminine power and show that we will not let our light be diminished whether we win or lose our battle.

I knew this would be a tall order since there would be so many events in the DFW area all centered around this cause this month. I decided to partner with my friend Sabeina, from @a_seatatthetable, who has done several amazing and influential events throughout the DFW area for women. Together, we partnered with Pink Peppermint Project. PPP is a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate, empower and advocate for survivors of breast cancer harnessing the power of beauty.

This event is not only to help raise money for Pink Peppermint Project, but to help us as women network and learn that at any age we can be tested by something like this. Especially as women of color, as nonwhite women have a higher chance of being diagnosed at a younger age. Also 47% of black women are likely to be diagnosed with a more advanced form of the disease, and are more likely to die from it as well. That is why education is so important. As a community it is not only about networking and helping each other succeed in this world, but to keep each other safe. We learn best from those that have been in those positions before us. That is why several survivor speakers will talk about their experiences during the event. Not to be feared, but to be celebrated.

This is why I also wanted to align the event with swag bag sponsors that understood the importance of this cause. Sparrow House Botanicals, a natural body and bath product company, is dedicated to supporting female survivors of trafficking to begin new lives. They are passionate about helping women and were so understanding when I approached them for the partnership. Hydratherma, an all-natural hair product line, has amazing hair care products that help to stimulate hair growth and maintain healthy hair. I have been a brand ambassador for them for over a year now. They helped to save my hair from the brink of extinction. Bee True Products is a local honey company that is also donating some of their products for the event. Did you know that honey contains certain nutrients that can help to prevent the spreading of breast cancer cells?

We also partnered with local businesses and talents that will focus on decor and floral arrangements, such as Travis Ward Horticulture. The event will be held at Stirr in Deep Ellum. It is my hope that we have 15 amazing attendees that will spend a couple of hours of their Saturday to enjoy an amazing meal and support a great cause.

If you wish to attend Brunch Awareness, buy your tickets here:

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