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My First Brazilian Experience

As a woman, I feel we are almost taught to be ashamed of our bodies from a young age. What is actually completely natural for the female body, such as weight gain, hair, periods, stretch marks, and cellulite, is seen as less than. Almost on a daily basis I feel an element of pressure from some outlet to work on one of those things. My weight and cellulite is not ideal, so I work out. My hair on my body is seen as disgusting, so I shave. It is an odd pressure that can't be directly pinpointed, but I know it is something many women face. More often than not unfortunately, we do these things to appease the male gaze. We seek to look beautiful and sexy in front of our boyfriend, husband, or significant other/partner. Things that should be classified as self-care, become something entirely different as we are not doing these things for ourselves.

Now being single for three years I have learned to take accountability for what makes me feel good, for me. It is empowering really. My hair was something I was always self-conscious about, but my skin was so sensitive that I would be scared to get a wax. Many waxing centers and chains do not take the time to consider melanated skin. It is more of a 15 minute yank and pull, rather than a consultation and consideration. When I first stumbled onto Yoni and Brows I was still a bit apprehensive. I wanted to do this for me since I had always been curious. Everyone had always made it seem like getting a Brazilian was the most painful and embarrassing experience. To be honest, outside of going to the doctor, being that vulnerable with someone is hard. For that reason alone I wanted my first experience to be with a woman of color who was highly rated on customer reviews.

To say the experience was completely different than I expected, was an understatement. Frankly, it was great. She made me feel completely comfortable, and explained the process beautifully. She explained the difference between her and a waxing studio chain. From products being used, to the waxing strategy itself. She uses only the best products and ingredients that are more gentle on the skin. She also takes the time to observe how your hair grows, rather than just yanking it off. Different positions are considered to make the customer as comfortable as possible.

For the most part I felt little to no pain, and rarely did I jump or wince. Once the wax itself was complete, she gave me a steam and vajacial. It was overall, surprisingly, a relaxing experience. She even took the time to explain post-care to me, and how important exfoliation is when it comes to waxing. She was a constant professional that made sure everything was sanitary from beginning to end. When I stood up and observed myself I felt outstanding. It made me want to slap on a bikini immediately. With all that being said, I felt like through her work I had really taken the time to take care of myself. I did this, not for a boyfriend, but for myself.

I would definitely return to Yoni and Brows for another wax and vajacial treatment. My sensitive skin did not have any sort of a negative reaction the following days, and I did not experience any soreness. The scheduling process was easy for me and I would certainly consider a membership in the future. She is located in the DFW area. As a first experience, I was thrilled and happy with the results.

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