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So you've bought the couch, now what?

This weekend I FINALLY bought a couch. The amount of social media targeting for couches and area rugs I have received since I purchased my first home, has been outrageous. I say that as someone who works for a marketing agency, and creates similar ads based on targeting. Wow are those ads annoying! I got to the point where I just needed a form of completion. So I bought a couch and a chair at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I pretty much panicked purchasing them. What's crazy is I still need so many things for my home to feel finished in my eyes.

I buy a lot of things based on energy and reviews. First, I want the item to feel like it belongs in my home and fits. Second, I want to make sure I'm buying something that is truly worth the money. That is why it took me three weeks just to find a shower rod for my guest bathroom. I had to start to make myself make decisions. Homeowner life. The thing is, you can read blogs and make lists for things you need until you are blue in the face. The thing that really halts my progress is the thought of this is my first home. Not some apartment I can just throw things around. My life will be built here. I have to take care of it. To honor it. I want to place items within my home that I feel correspond with how I wish to live my life.

I never knew I could be that person who will pick her cleaning products so carefully. Not knocking some of the products of my past, but I have definitely stepped up my game using more natural products that have amazing stories behind them. I love brands that also have sustainability practices. I'm also starting to get used the the idea that it doesn't all need to happen at once. Shopping for your home is a different beast. All the sudden there is all of this empty space. I thought I'd fill it up with things I already had, but I wasn't even close. As I continue to add character and personality to my home I feel more at peace within it. I don't feel like I'm in the home of a stranger. I have been working hard to place brands in my home that I believe in. From the cleaning products, decorations, sheets, and groceries. I can't wait to continue to reveal more about my journey.

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