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Spend a Day Eating in Fort Worth

So on weekends where I have nothing to do and I just want to pack up the dog and get outside, I often find myself in Fort Worth. Outside of it being way more relaxed compared to Dallas, Fort Worth has some hidden gems that will honestly surprise you when it comes to food and shopping. Not the mention it has some beautiful attractions. If you don't have that much time and just want to spend a quick day in Fort Worth, TX, here is where I suggest you go:

PIZZA! Need I say more? LA Zona is a quaint little restaurant with cute decor that sets it apart from any other building on West Magnolia. When you first step through the doors at LA ZONA you almost feel transported to another time and place. All that was missing was my understanding of the Italian language and a tall handsome stranger. Their staff is well informed and very nice. A friend and I stopped by to try it and we couldn't believe how good the food and drinks were. The Honey Pizza was by far our favorite with a delicate thin crust, but looking at their menu we definitely want to return to try more.

To say I'm obsessed with this ice cream shop is an understatement. Outside of their aesthetic being one of my favorites from a marketing standpoint, the ice cream is AMAZING. I may be a bit basic when it comes to my ice cream selections, but their vanilla bean with the rainbow sprinkles gave me everything I needed to be happy in life. The cones are also huge, so you are getting great quality and quantity for your money. If you are looking for an Instagram photo for your page, Melt has a beautiful bright yellow wall to stand in front of for your top model moment.

If you are looking for a fancy dinner option for a date night or a family dinner, Grace is perfect. Grace is a new American restaurant in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. I had the pleasure of having a work retreat dinner there, and was beyond impressed with the level of service and food. The wine was exquisite and everything I ate was outstanding. As my food squad knows, I love a good cheese and charcuterie board. The appetizers are a must here and if you are not in the mood for steak, their fish dishes are sublime.

If you have read my matcha latte blog, you will know how much I love Ampersand. Not only can you stop by for a quick and tasty breakfast, this adorable little coffee shop transforms into a nightlife destination at night with parties and a different DJ each time I stop by. The staff is incredibly helpful and you will never have a shortage of seasonal or specialty options to try out. You can tell a lot of love goes into what they do. The decor is stunning with different varieties of tile and recycled wood. It is located in the Cultural District, so if you are looking to walk off your caffeine high there is plenty to see.

I have to say that I do not get out to Fort Worth, TX enough. There are so many local gems there that you really have to make a day of it if you want to enjoy it fully. Some of my favorite clothing boutiques are there as well as the Modern Art Museum that has breathtaking pieces that are best seen in person to truly admire. The Takashi Murakami exhibit alone was the highlight of my year. All I can say is don't sleep on Fort Worth. It is a great place to enjoy a more relaxed environment.

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