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Where to grab Bubble Tea in Dallas!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Though I am known to be a bit of a matcha latte fangirl around Dallas, I also love boba and bubble tea. Granted, I have not had bubble tea from every place in the DFW area. I do happen to have my main go-tos when it comes to grabbing bubble tea to enjoy when I need to take a break from work, or just need a refreshing treat. Here are three of my favorite places to grab bubble tea in North Dallas.

Fat Straws - In a pinch there is always a Fat Straws in any neighborhood in North Dallas it seems. Outside of having multiple locations, they are also very consistent with their teas. You will be able to enjoy fresh and tasty tea no matter which location you go to. The Hibiscus Cooler and Jasmine Milk Tea are must-haves if you haven't tried them yet. I suggest the heart-shaped strawberry jellies for the Hibiscus Cooler, and classic boba for the Jasmine Milk Tea. If you are looking to treat yourself, grab one of their Mochi Donuts to go. I recommend the Cookies n Cream, Matcha, Strawberry, and/or Chocolate.

Tiger Sugar - If you have not been to Tiger Sugar to try their signature drink since they opened in Carrollton, TX, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Stop what you are doing for the rest of the day and go. Their boba pearl milk tea is a must for these hot Texas days. Once you finish the first one, I can promise you will want a second. It is pretty much a tasty dessert in a cup. I would suggest going early since there tends to be a line no matter what. Add the coffee jelly as well for even more deliciousness. They also have delicious cookies and other menu items. This is also a great place for an Instagram moment, as they have a couple of cute walls to take photos by.

Boba + Donuts - This little gem is located in Frisco, TX. I honestly stumbled upon them when I was looking for donuts one day. To my surprise not only were the donuts good, but their milk tea was wonderful. Also they gave me extra donut holes for free, and that is honestly just service at its finest if you ask me! The glazed donuts go perfectly with their milk tea. Trust me, I am super picky about a good glazed donut. Don't even get me started on glazed cinnamon twist! They are a small business, but are very consistent with their service and products. They have quickly become a little favorite of mine. My diet may not be a fan, but I for one am a happy customer.

There are so many amazing places in Dallas to grab bubble tea. I honestly haven't even scratched the surface. I hope you enjoyed this quick blog update, and hopefully I will have a part two for you soon.

Remember to stay safe, mask up, and be kind. 2020 is a rough year, and has a way of bringing what is done in the dark to the light. We have to be there for each other. Know that if you feel you don't have anyone in the world, you can come to my page and DM me.

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