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The Other Mariah

In 2016 I decided to change the way I view my life. At that time, I was in a failing relationship, had just lost my job and was struggling to stay afloat. I knew I had more to offer, but I was stuck. I took DFWFoodGirl, a page that had originally just been for me to show what I eat and cook, and turned it into a tool to pull me back up to shore. 

From there I started to see my page grow and opportunities to do more increase with it. I wanted to dedicate myself to giving that back by working with animal wellness groups and other local nonprofit organizations. I also wanted to feature local businesses and artists through workshops, travel and events. 


Eventually I started to display more of my healing know-how and techniques and found that people really wanted a way to help center themselves and heal from within intentionally. I hope I can continue to spread my philosophy of giving more than what you take, sharing the wealth and loving yourself first in order to live your best life. 


If you are looking for self love tips, want to collaborate with me, recipe generation, social media marketing, or just what to know what events I have coming up please contact me. 

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You all have no idea how grateful I am t
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