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The Best Matcha in the DFW: Top 5

After an entire year of drinking every matcha latte I could get my hands on in the DFW area, I have pulled some of my all time favorites. As the self-proclaimed matcha queen of Dallas I had to find the best in the city, so here are my top picks:

This coffee shop was probably my Everest. Mainly because it's so far from my hometown. Either way, I made it out there when I was in town for my friend's wedding. I definitely am glad I did. Not only were the workers friendly, the latte itself was freakishly good. Delicately sweet and blended to perfection. There is nothing I hate more with a matcha latte than when I get chunks of matcha powder. This latte was by far one of my ultimate favorites of the year. The art on top was also so pretty to me. My only wish is that Ampersand would put a location in North Dallas, so I can get my latte fix! I give this latte a 9/10.

Though it may not look all that green, trust me, this is a matcha latte to be reckoned with. I stumbled upon this latte after a big concert the night before. With a sore throat/hangover as my brunch partner I quickly ordered the matcha latte. With the taste alone it didn't even need a pretty design on top to be one of my top picks. The flavor alone was like being in a warm blanket on a cold day. Cozy. Also who knew that cinnamon and matcha worked well together? With the pleasant decor and dishware this restaurant is a brunch must when you visit Dallas. I give this late an 8/10.

This is the coffee shop of your indie romantic movie dreams. Located in the square, this shop is perfect to meet your friends over a cup of hot matcha. Atmosphere is top notch and the latte is great. You do have to ask for them to sweeten it. But upon request, the barista jazzed up my latte with delicious vanilla. I give this latte 7/10.

I don't want to sound biased, but the coffee shops in Coppell know how to make a mean cup of matcha. Zenzero is one of my favorites in Dallas because their food is amazing and the latte comes sweet and hot. The art isn't the best, but the flavor makes up for it. The blending is also not as smooth as you would want a latte to be with matcha powder. The flavor is certainly there and you are bound to enjoy everything else this delightful coffee shop serves. Due to the art and texture however I will be giving this latte a 6/10. The flavor is amazing though.

As they say, you never forget your first. I had my first taste of matcha at a little shop down the street called The Nest Cafe. This shop is known for it's food and drinks being stellar. Their avocado toast varieties are a favorite of mine, and pair excellently with the matcha latte. This is a shop that has it figured out, and at the moment doesn't have that much competition in Frisco. The art, blend, color, and flavor are all there and are consistent. Though this shop can get a little crowded and the prices can make you tilt your head, it all seems worth it once you start your meal. I will be interested to see how they adjust once more trendy coffee shops move in on their territory. I give this latte a 10/10.

So there you have it. Probably hundreds of lattes later and I narrowed it down to five. I can't wait to see who will make the list this year. If you are in the DFW area soon check out any of these shops and tag me in your stories and post to let me know if you agree or not.

Love and Light!

Mariah #matchaqueen!

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